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We have had enough of over processed pet food, so we made our own ...
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There’s more to our dog food than meets the eye

We pack our dog food with more goodness than you can shake a stick at.

Fresh meat &
nutritious offal

Delicious, nutritious and treated with respect, from farm to bowl.

Real fruit
& veg

A few cheeky extras to provide vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fibre


Energy-packed complex carbohydrates that are easy for dogs to digest

Beauty comes from within

We know our wet food won’t win any beauty contests, but it’s what’s inside that counts...

Fresh meat & fish

Sourced responsibly, and packed full of protein and other goodies your cat needs to thrive.

Herbs, berries & flowers

Cats derive most of their nutrition from meat, but a bit of extra goodness never hurts.

Sweet potatoes

An excellent source of low-glycaemic carbs & vitamins, the perfect choice for cats.
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We do things a bit differently here at Edgard & Cooper...

well-balanced recipes

Our simple, wholesome, recipes are developed by university experts to provide maximum nutrition from natural ingredients. It’s like your dog has his own personal trainer.

keep it

We use chilled trucks to transport our ingredients, which means they don’t need processing to stay fresh and delicious.


We use low temperatures to slowly bake our kibble and wet food, which locks in all the natural goodness and flavour.


Utterly irresistible fresh meat
Natural, healthy nutrients and anti-oxidants
Naturally easy to digest


Ground-up bones and tendons
Nutritionally poor processed meat meal
Much harder to digest

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This is sooo good! Finally I found food that he wants to eat immediately. Basiel is such a dificult eater. Usually he eats only every two days. This food is all natural with fresh meat and fruit. For the first time in his life he ate his bowl in one time! I’m so happy!

Amanda J. on Jun 28, 2018

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